Joachim Werner writes:
 > - Storage should be completely separate from the data model. It should be
 > possible to design a content class and then store it either in ZODB, the
 > file system, an RDBMS or an LDAP server or whatever.
Isn't that already possible (implement your alternative storage
that put pickles into your whatever store)

 > - All the basic API (like "store", "delete", "edit", ...) must be free of
 > HTTP specifics, so that I can modifiy content either over a web frontend or
 > over WebDAV, FTP, ... - and even via a "fat client" application like a
 > wxPython application. Currently that one is a mess.
I think, I do this already (with help of a PUT_factory).

 > ...
 > - The security API should really work. Currently there seem to be some
 > really bad flaws with regard to checking for roles (and local roles). (I can
 > go into details with that if somebody asks me and I find the time).
Please do...

 > - There should be a more rigid development model and tools to implement it.
I like freedom...
 > Currently it is hard for Zope developers to know where the business logic
 > has to go.
I never felt this as a problem...
 > DTML really invited people to mix stuff, and ZPT seems a bit
 > complicated to handle in terms of the actual syntax used. It isn't too
 > readable either.
Hm? I was able to explain the ZPT syntax to a newbie in about 1/4 of an

The essential parts:

  5 tal attributes (there are more, but rarely used)
  4 metal attributes
  5 kinds of expressions 

Really not difficult, less difficult than DTML.


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