We also have the problem with zope crashing with segfault 11.....
I've read al earlier posts on this subject, but couldn't notice anything
that could arrange a direct solution, or I should have missed something?

The only thing I can try is to describe our situation : 

- We have a production server running zope 2.5.1 beta (binary release,
linux), so the crash cannot be from the bugs listed in Matthews
Stability Howto.

- The crash occurs as well on Windows as on Linux, (both binary releases
2.5 beta 1, as well 2.5.0 as well 2.4.3 on both platforms)

- It happens only with "alot" of traffic ("alot" is more then 40
kbytes/sec, 500 users on a intranet, I hope I don't have to scale zope
with this little amount of traffic?)

- It DOESN't crash with the -t 1 option, so the crash has something to
do with threading. However, the performance is very poor with this
option, so this is not a good solution.

- We use a flash generator c extension module (ming), but with this
removed, it still crashes, so it's not a non-standard-zope c extension
module that can cause the crash.

- We DON't use any DA for relational access, so all earlier suggestions
that the mysql/oracle DA modules are causing the crashes should be

- ZOPE_SECURITY_POLICY=PYTHON is not taking away the crashes.

- We use our own python Products which are accessed when the crash
occures, but these products are very clean and totally written in
Python, so that should not be any problem I suppose, because Zope
doesn't crash in single thread mode. We also use alot of Python Scripts,
but these bugs are already fixed? (says the Stability Howto)

I don't know where to start, because attaching GDB doesn't make any
sense, since you have to start zope single threaded (according to Matts
Stability Howto) and then no crashes occur.

Is this problem solved if I install python 2.2 for example? Are there
any bugfixes in this release from Python 2.1.2 ?

I don't know what the status is right now? Is zope corp. working on it
trying to find the bug? Can I be of any help tracking down this bug? 


Martijn Jacobs
East Site

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