On Mon, 2002-03-18 at 10:38, Myroslav Opyr wrote:
> Steve Alexander wrote:
> > Lennart Regebro wrote:
> >
> >> I think it should show the site name, ie, www.torped.se:1006, or
> >> intranet.torped.se:8080, and so on.
> >> That would make me know where I was editing all the tim (except when 
> >> I have
> >> SiteRoots. I loathe the littl buggers. Grrr). :-)
> >>
> >> It is a great idea, seb.
> >
> > How about making "machine" configurable per zope / zeo client instance 
> > via an environment variable. So, I can read something meaningful to 
> > me, and I won't have to remember exactly which servers I have running 
> > on which ports.
> My 0.05. Manager has manage_zmi_prefs form. I'd like to be able to set 
> machine name there. Ability to override the machine name and env.var 
> with settings from that screen would be great. If policy for storage of 
> those preferences are Cookies, let it be but I'd prefer to store them 
> somewhere in ZODB (i have to turn off top frame each time I log-in from 
> other workstation and host changes or gets extra DNS name :)

The problem with storing a name in the ZODB means that you are only
setting the ZEO server name, rather than a client, which is possibly not
the desired behaviour.

Automatically reporting the domain for the server is difficult because
it may not be discoverable.

I think some sensible hostname-based defaults, with the option to
override in environment variables (possibly also in the zmi_prefs) would
be about right.

How about this:

 <ZEO client name>: <ZEO server name>

on a ZEO setup, and

 <server name>

on a non-zeo setup, with the server name overridable (is that a word?)
from the zmi_manage_prefs, and both the server name and the ZEO client
name overridable in environment variables?

and I thought this was going to be a quick fix...


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