Frank Tegtmeyer wrote:
> "Brian Lloyd" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > We are trying to get to the bottom of a few straggling
> > instability reports, so we're planning to go ahead with
> I started with 2.5.1b1 today and have problems with our "one central
> index_html" approach.

That would be really really bad for many of us..

> It seems that in 2.5.1b1 object lookup doesn't start at the current
> context when an object is used from another already acquired one.
> I couldn't find anything about this, so I hope it's something new for
> you.
> Example:
> / index_html              (index_html uses method content)
>   content
> /folder1
>    content                
> /folder1/subfolder1
>       content
> When accessing /folder1 or /folder1/subfolder1 always content from the
> root folder is used.
> Do we have a stupid mistake or is there something wrong in 2.5.1b1?
> The root folder is "made root" by a SiteRoot object and we have a
> SiteRoot also in Zopes root folder. I tried also with the SiteRoots
> removed and the behaviour was the same.

I can't reproduce this myself. Are you using DTML, PageTemplates,
something else?

I've tested this with Zope 2.5.1b1 with 'index_html' in a subfolder alpha,
and also a 'content' there which is used by the index_html. Folder beta is
inside alpha and only contains content. That works just fine; I see the
beta content when I go to /alpha/beta



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