> Hello segfaulters and others interested in Zope instability issues!

Hello again :)

> Our demi-god Matt Kromer from ZopeCorp has come up with a possible way
> to corner the instability issue AND give you a stable, cycle-garbage
> collecting Zope.

We probably should build a statue for this guy somedays....

> Since the problem seems, so far, to be caused by the Python Restricted

> Compiler (which is used in everything from dtml expressions to python
> scripts to other stuff) not completing fully collectable objects
> before the Python cycle garbage collector finds them, the solution 
> is to lock
> out the gc while creating these objects. The only easy way to do this
> currently is to disable the automatic gc and run manual garbage
> collections only when we're pretty sure no one else is running, and at
> the same time not letting anyone else run when we're running the gc.

Just to make sure : I put gc.disable() in Z2.py and apply this
ZServerPublisher.py patch? Or do I have to add some more code to let the
garbage collector collect more often or less or...

> We're close guys, very close.

You can't imagine how glad I would be if this thing is fixed..... Thanks
again for all your efforts!

Martijn Jacobs
East Site

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