Martijn Jacobs wrote:

>Hello Leo!
>>Tell us if your segfaults go away and whether Zope performance is
>>impacted by it.
>The segfault is AWAY! I have an uptime of 2 hours now, it has never been
>so long since it's in use! I don't notice any performance differences,
>but I also have to say that I can't measure it really. The more
>important is that it doesn't crash anymore!
>Is this a *final* solution for the crashing? Or is this just a temporary
>solution to make sure where the problem is?
>BTW : Thank Matt for the patch!

It's going to be a temporary work around, but we're going to build Zope 
2.4.4 final and Zope 2.5.1 final around it; I'll be building beta 
releases this Friday with the patch included.

Matt Kromer
Zope Corporation 

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