The implementation adds the API to manage browser default for all 
objectmanagers. However, no browser_default handler is actually added to 
the object unless you specify a default other than "index_html"

What was the specific "undesirable effects" you were seeing?

If it is agreed that this management should apply to folders rather than 
all object managers, then I can make this change. In that case using a 
separate mix-in makes sense to me. It could even be registered for use 
as a base class for ZClasses then, which would be some advantage I suppose.

Thanks for the feedback.


Toby Dickenson wrote:
> I am seeing some undesirable effects of the recent 'death to
> index_html' changes.
> Folders now have a 'Settings' tab to allow managers to change the
> default document. This is good.
> However, the implementation of this lies in the ObjectManager class.
> The browser-default capabilities may not make sense for other classes,
> derived from ObjectManager, which are not general purpose 'folders'.
> I think it would make more sense for the browser-default
> implementation to sit in a new mixin base class, perhaps
> OFS.BrowserDefaultManager.BrowserDefaultManager, to be included as a
> base class of OFS.Folder.Folder but not
> OFS.ObjectManager.ObjectManager.
> Any thoughts?
> Toby Dickenson

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