Hi all - 

The appointed time is upon us :) We'd like to shoot for a 
2.6 alpha 1 release at the beginning of next week (around 
the 10th).

I updated the 2.6 proposed feature page this morning:


...but there are a number of items that we need to clarify 
the status of. There are a couple of "99% complete" notes, 

For everyone who is on the hook for a 2.6 feature that is 
not marked "Complete" on the list, I'd like to get a 
status update that includes:

  - whether the work _and_ docs are done

  - if not, whether you will be able to do them by Fri.

  - whether your branch is merged.

Note that "Complete" on the feature page means that you 
have finished both the code and docs, and have merged your 
working branch to the HEAD (and run and passed the unit 
tests). If something is marked complete that isn't really, 
let me know that as well!

Silence is consent for me to move your incomplete item to 
the deferred items section, so please drop me a status 
update even if its just to say "I still want to do it, but 
I don't think I can make the deadline".

Note that its OK if you won't be able to get done in time - 
that comes with the territory. I'll add anything that doesn't 
make the deadline to the 2.7 plan, assuming the volunteers 
are still actively trying to work on it.

FYI, I expect that the main focus of Zope 2.7 will be updating 
the supported platform to Python 2.2. My best guestimate at 
timing at this point is early-to-mid Q4.

Thanks all!

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