Given the following code:
 I can see why access to self.thing fails in Inner::__setattr__, but the 
question is how do I do that -- can I not use __setattr__ and have to use a 
setAttr that is accessed via O.I.setAttr('help','me rhonda') ?


import ExtensionClass, Acquisition

class Outer(ExtensionClass.Base):
        thing = ('help','donthelp')

class Inner(Acquisition.Implicit):
        def __setattr__(self,name,value):
                if name in self.thing:
                        self.__dict__['name'] = value
                        print "Bad attribute"
O = Outer()
I = Inner()
O.I = I
print O.I.thing  # is ok  --> gives ('help','donthelp') = 'me rhonda' # AttributeError: thing

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