Well, i didnt told there was i18n support there ;) 

Basically, Alt-TAL is a rewrite of TAL to allow one to expand TAL by providing 
plugins. This means that if you want to provide i18n for Alt-TAL you just 
need to write an i18n plugin and register it as a handler for i18n:something.
The the current TAL implementation is very obscure, and Shane agrees with us 
that it could be highly improved with no much effort.

At a first glance, you can see that this implementation is much clear, and 
pluggable, and the current TAL needs too much hacking to extend support for 
new tags, and has too much dependencies on Zope right now, as someone pointed 

Im forwarding this thread to zope-dev so we can disscuss this there. 

I hope Lalo can get online soon and explain his ideas, as i havent 
participated on this rewrite at all.

Jim also said that I should talk with Fred Drake, as he is the guy at 
PythonLabs that is in charge of TAL, so im forwarding this to him too.


On Seg 01 Jul 2002 13:48, Barry A. Warsaw wrote:
| >>>>> "SdS" == Sidnei da Silva <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
|     SdS> My friend Lalo ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) started a rewrite of TAL to
|     SdS> make it more pluggable and ease backporting of i18n to
|     SdS> Zope2. I dont know how much if it is done right now, but the
|     SdS> last time I talked to him, he said that only METAL was
|     SdS> missing.
|     SdS> His work is available at http://sf.net/projects/collective ->
|     SdS> Browse CVS -> Alt-TAL module.
|     SdS> I think that the best idea is support him, as he has almost
|     SdS> everything in place.
| A quick scan didn't show much i18n support there, but perhaps I'm
| missing it.
| FTR, Stephan demoed the Zope3 i18n stuff at EuroPython and we're
| planning on backporting it to Zope2, but for the Zope 2.7 release.
| -Barry

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