Hmm... that is not good. I can't see you getting an API to change a DTML
file. The only option would be to create the ObjectManager's contents page
from python, and people seem not to like doing that, but it would allow a
little more engineering to take place.


It looks as though what is needed is fish-bowl proposal to redesign the way
ObjectManager handles and displays rows for specific object types - the
requirement being that this be third-party-pluggable (For want of a better
term). (No that was not me volunteering - too much on at the moment, sorry).

One question about zshell though, what is the box that is added "left of the
add product pulldown"? Is it something that ABSOLUTELY has to be on the
contents listing (i.e. something to do with creating or maintaining the
objects listed?). Could it be backdoor'd into all_meta_types so that it,
itself is listed in the pulldown, or could it have a ZMI tab of it's own
(Both of these are easier than live patching the DTML)?


Adrian Hungate

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> On Wed, Aug 14, 2002 at 03:48:51PM +0100, Adrian Hungate wrote:
> > Hmm... ok, now I see what you are talking about, however, you are
> > about modifying a DTMLFile object - I am not sure of any reliable API
> > even magic) that will allow that to happen in a "play nice with others"
> >
> > Just for clarity's sake (For me if no-one else), what object type are
> > wanting to change manage_main for?
> >
> > I have to admit to not knowing zshell or external_editor well, but I
> > seen mentions of ee making changes to the ZMI - I had assumed this was
> > addition of tabs (And DTMLFiles), not the replacement of them. I take it
> > was wrong in this assumption?
> yeah, externaleditor inserts icons into many rows of the name column.
> zshell want an extra text box to the left of the "add product" pulldown.
> There are other products that do similar things.  I think the Photo
> product modifies things in a similar manner to externaleditor.
> These are, I suspect, not even at the object stage.  You have to modify
> rows in a table.
> Jim

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