Steve Alexander wrote:
> Oliver Bleutgen wrote:
> Although Zope has a "response stream" method of sending information back 
> to the client, most things in Zope don't use it.
> Instead, the response information is aggregated, converted into a 
> string, and then sent back all at once at the sucessful completion of 
> the transaction.

Well, then it may be difficult to get zope to behave like the "other" 
systems, right?

> These other systems you mention are using the availability of a response 
> stream as a surrogate for RESPONSE.isClientConnected(). I'd rather have 
> an explicit RESPONSE.isClientConnected().

This is not correct. The systems I mentioned do also have the 
possibility to check if the client is still connected, it's just that 
they additionally prevent writing to a response which will never get 
delivered. This is quite reasonable IMO.

> Although, it would make sense to raise an exception if someone tried to 
> write to the Zope response stream, in the rare cases when this does happen.

I know we are talking about extreme cases here. But the behavior of java 
and mod_perl may prevent the whole system from falling over on a loaded 
server. This is made worse by the relative small number of threads which 
are running on a stock zope.


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