Has anyone successfully managed to use ZCatalog for cataloguing external sites? 
I followed the example from the Spicklemire's book (Zope - Web Application Development 
and Content Management, chapter 9), but didn't manage to get it working. 
The basic idea is that you have a TinyTablePlus called CatalogedURLs storing URLs to 
be catalogued (with one column of data called url). You also create a ZCatalog called 
HTMLCatalog with an index called contents, and the title and source fields in the 
metadata. Then you have an external method called HTMLForCatalog.py, which creates a 
dummy object with title and content.

from ZPublisher import Client
import string

class dummyObject :

def createTitle(url,data) :
        aTitle = string.split(url,'/')[-1]
        firstIndex = string.find(string.upper(data), '<TITLE>')
        if (firstIndex <> -1):
                secondIndex = string.find(string.upper(data), '<TITLE>')
                if (secondIndex <> -1) :
                        aTitle = data[firstIndex+7:secondIndex]
        return aTitle

def getHTMLForCatalog(self, url):
        x = dummyObject()
        theFile = Client.call(url)
        theData = theFile[1]
        x.title = createTitle(url, theData)
        x.content = theData
        aSource = string.split(url,'/')[-1]
        x.source = string.join(aSource, '/')
        return x
You connect an external method to the Zope site by creating GetHTMLForCatolog external 
method in ZMI. 
You also have a DTML method called addFilesToCatalog which calls the external method

addFilesToCatalog :
<dtml-var standard_html_header>
<dtml-in CataloguedURLs>
   <dtml-let newObject="GetHTMLForCatalog(anUrl)">
     <dtml-call "HTMLCatalog.catalog_object(newObject,url)">
<dtml-in "HTMLCatalog()">whatever
  <a href='<dtml-var "getPath()">'>
<dtml-var "getPath()">
<dtml-var title></a><br>
<dtml-var standard_html_footer>

This doesn't work because the line 3 passes 'anURL', which is not defined . If I 
change this to 'url' the URLs from the CatalogedURLs table are inserted into the 
catalog, but the method fails to retrive title or content. Any suggestions as to how 
to fix it or where I'm going wrong are welcomed.  As, in fact, are any suggestions how 
I can implement a search engine across Zope and non-Zope sites.

Many thanks,

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