Am Mon, 2002-09-23 um 13.10 schrieb Chris Withers:
> Andreas Kostyrka wrote:
> > The problem is, that __getattr__ does not have access to the acquisition
> > chain. 
> I think it does, but I may be corrected.
Well, it's definitly not wrapped. I know because I had to work around
that. And it's definitly quite sick how I do this :)

> Some things to check for:
> 1. Do the classes of you object (and containing objects) inherit for 
> Acquisition.Implicit?
I inherit from OFS.Folder.Folder, this should be enough, wouldn't it?
Especially Acquisition works quite well in all other methods, just not
> 2. Are you getting hold of the object in such a way that it is acquisition wrapped?
Well, I'm not getting hold of anything. It's more like Zope is getting
hold of my objects to publish.

As I've solved my problem (well, it works, I understand the problem, and
I know the correct solution, but I shying away of hacking Acquisition.
It's easier (for me) to get my wrapper from the Python frame stack than
to patch Acquisition.c.)


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