On Mon, 2002-09-30 at 09:17, Toby Dickenson wrote:
> On Saturday 28 Sep 2002 4:38 pm, Florent Guillaume wrote:
> > <form action="foo" ... accept-charset="UTF-8">
> >  ...
> > </form>
> >
> > This instructs the browser it should send the content of the form in the
> > accepted charset.
> Yes, accept-charset could be part of a full solution to this problem, but I 
> dont think it is a whole solution....
> Are you suggesting that a method could assume its form submissions would 
> always be made in utf-8? That would cause problems if a submission was made 
> from:
> * some other form that didnt have an accept-charset
> * some non-browser code that synthesizes http requests

Yes, there is no good way.

> A further problem is that we want this decoding to be performed in ZPublisher, 
> but that that point in the publishing process it doent know which method is 
> going to be called. That means the utf8 assumption cant be made independantly 
> for each method. 
> One answer to this problem is when browsers include the charset attribute in 
> "multipart/form-data" POST requests. ZPublisher knows unambiguously what 
> encoding was used by the browser.

This really sucks, you'd think that by 2002 all recent browsers would
send a content-type:text/plain;charset=foobar in multipart/form-data, as
the spec (from 1998) recommends... But even Mozilla 1.1 doesn't do it.

> Sadly I cant see a nice way to do the same for GET requests

As an aside, one interesting tidbit about Mozilla: if you paste Unicode
into a field of a form without an explicit encoding (accept-charset or
document-charset), it encodes Unicode characters into &#xxxx; and sends
that on the wire.

Anyway, in the near future I see no alternative to putting :utf8: into
field names, and using accept-charset="UTF-8" or an utf-8 encoding for
the document.


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