I've got a site running a CVS version of Zope taken from the 2.6 branch on 
19/9/02. The site is running off Python 2.1.3 on a Debian box and also uses ZEO 1.0.

Yesterday, it appears this site died during a ZCatalog update as the last entry 
in Z2.log was for the advanced catalog management form. However, there was no 
entry for the actual re-catalog.

Nothing was output to the console.

Very weirdly, when I went to look at the stupid_log_file, it was totally blank.
Now, I did a tail -f on that file, and when I executed the Zope stop script, the 
following were output to the stupid log file:

2002-10-02T10:41:55 INFO(0) Z2 Caught signal SIGTERM
2002-10-02T10:41:55 INFO(0) Z2 Closing all open network connections
2002-10-02T10:41:55 PROBLEM(100) ClientStorage Disconnected from storage
2002-10-02T10:41:56 PROBLEM(100) ClientStorage Disconnected from storage
2002-10-02T10:41:56 INFO(0) client Trying to connect to server: ('x', xxxx)
2002-10-02T10:41:56 PROBLEM(100) ClientStorage Disconnected from storage
2002-10-02T10:41:56 INFO(0) Z2 Closing all open ZODB databases
2002-10-02T10:41:56 INFO(0) ClientStorage close
2002-10-02T10:41:56 PROBLEM(100) Z2 A handler for SIGTERM failed!
Traceback (innermost last):
   Module zdaemon.SignalHandler, line 58, in signalHandler
   Module Signals.Signals, line 28, in shutdownHandler
   Module Signals.Signals, line 83, in closeall
   Module ZODB.DB, line 248, in close
   Module ZEO.ClientStorage, line 237, in close
   Module ZEO.zrpc, line 234, in closeIntensionally
   Module ZEO.trigger, line 90, in pull_trigger
OSError: [Errno 32] Broken pipe

When I restarted Zope, things appear to have come up fine. The funky new error 
log object is empty, but I guess it's not a persistent thing...

The storage server (also running off the same CVS version of Zope) seems to have 
survived fine through all of this.

Likewise, a Windows ZEO client running off the same Zope version seems to have 
kept going fine.

Any ideas?



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