I've got a ZEO server that's using Zope 2.5.1 (Python 2.1.3)
and ZEO 1.0. I try initiating a pack from the Database Management
Control Panel and it starts doing it's thing. The unpacked
database is 7.5GB and after writing about 5GB to Data.fs.pack
it seems to stop packing. lsof no longer shows that python has
Data.fs.pack open, so I'm assuming it encountered a problem and
was not able to continue.

Normally, everything goes fine and after the pack is done, the
packed database becomes Data.fs and the prior-to-packing database
becomes Data.fs.old.

Any ideas? I'm working on copying this over to a test machine
so that I can turn on ZEO server logging, but have not gotten
there yet.

Will packing from another (non-web) ZEO client show me anything

What errors might occur during a pack that would cause this. I'm
99.999% sure it's not disk space because the partition it's
on has 300GB available. 

I had STUPID_LOG_FILE turned on at one point, but it seemed to
be logging everything that was done to the storage, which was _way_
more than I wanted (and didn't want it filling up the disk.)
Is there a better way to get some logging from the ZEO server without
lots of extra stuff?


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