Hi James.

Firstly lets address your subject. ZopeZen.org is slower. Why is that?

- There is a lot more work being done to render a page in Plone
- There is less caching being done, I havent optimized it as much as the old
site was
- The BSD memory leak in Python 2.1.3 is not helping
- More html, javascript and css is being used

You'll note I havent related to ZPT. It may or may not be slower, off the
bat it appears to be slower, but I do not believe it is the only cause of
the problem. It is a complex system and to compare the old site to the new
one is rather like comparing apples and oranges. From raw logs posted a
while I noticed a drop in performance using ZPT. But at the time you will
note I pointed out that this could have been due to several things.

> Just my 2 cents. I like plone and everything, but should'nt even the plone
> developers be working on improving and making ZPT faster?

So your suggestion is instead of not using Plone and ZPT in the real world
to see how they perform, I should just concentrate on working on ZPT? Thank
you for the compliment, its nice to hear you imply that I am capable of
improving code that Guido and others has worked on. I know enough C to know
Im not an expert yet, and that is will dramatically help ZPT.

I would like to add that in open source projects there is a need for
contributors at every level. People work on things that interest them, wish
to gain knowledge in or whatever personal reason they have. I don't know
much about the innards of C and Python so leave that to the experts whilst
trying to gain knowledge. Some of the Plone team are excellent at CSS and Im
lucky enough to be working with some people who are keen on writing

In fact I'll wager the people who work on UI, documentation, testing are
just as important as the people who write the excellent code. Successful
projects need a diverse group of people, one I think we have.

The Plone project brings people to Zope, it puts Plone in front of users. In
the end that means improvements all down the line back to Zope.
  Andy McKay

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