Guido van Rossum wrote:
> A while ago I announced a new ZEO cache instrumentation feature, and
> asked if anyone was interested in enabling this instrumentation in
> their site.  I got exactly zero responses... :-(
> I'd like to repeat the offer.  From the instrumentation data, it is
> easy to determine the most effective cache size for your site (a tool
> to do this is part of the release).  All you need to do is replace one
> file,  Both ZEO 1 and ZEO 2 are supported.  The
> instrumentation code does *not* use zLOG and causes very little
> overhead.  It can create a large log file though (100 MB per day at
> one Zope Corp customer).

I just tried enabling the logging, shortly afterwards, I got:

2002-10-04T16:05:44 PANIC(300)
Traceback (innermost last):
   Module __main__, line 94, in ?
   Module ZODB.Transaction, line 161, in commit
   Module ZODB.Transaction, line 222, in commit
   Module ZODB.Transaction, line 195, in commit
   Module ZODB.Transaction, line 256, in _commit_objects
   Module ZODB.Connection, line 387, in commit
    - __traceback_info__: (('BTrees._IOBTree', 'IOBucket'), '\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00
\x06\xd6\xc3', '')
InvalidObjectReference: Attempt to store an object from a foreign database conne

Not sure it's related, but I've never had that happen before :-S



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