>The Xron product release is almost a year old,
>but Scheduler seems to be only available via CVS.
>Can anyone comment as to the maturity/stability
>of these products?  Any advice would be much appreciated.

I can't vouch for either of the products you mentioned, but I've had
good luck with cron on linux teamed with wget :-)

There doesn't seem to be much support in Zope for use cases
where an action is not event driven, ie not a request/response pair.

*** Vaporware Follows***
What *I* want, (but haven't written yet) is a product that can do
continuous low level scraping of legacy data sources and feed this
data into an RDBMS or the ZODB. A kind of "helper daemon". How
each instance is scheduled would be one of many adjustable per
instance config options :-) However, assuming that I do get around
to building this product, I don't know where on the scale between
ugly hack and elegant, reusable solution it will fall. This will also
determine whether you ever see it on "zope.org" :-)


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