Dirk Datzert wrote:
LDAPUser from LDAPUserFolder inherits getRolesInContext from BasicUser,
right ?

LDAPRoleTwiddler caches LDAPUser entries with changed 'local' roles.
Where is the LDAPUser class located?

What user object will be used if you talk about 'user objects' ? user objects out of LDAPUserFolder,
or user object out of LDAPRoleTwiddler,

or the user object in the context of the object needs the getRolesInContext() Method of LDAPUser go to the next
LDAPRoleTwiddler look for the twiddled user object and take out the
local roles ?

rather complicated to describe something I not really understand, sorry
about confusing questions :-)
Since I have not looked at LDAPRoleTwiddler, I can do little to advise for now.

my strategy for getRolesInContext() would something like this:

def getRolesInContext(self, obj):
   lrt = obj.acl_users # get nearest acl_users for obj (not really sure
if this works ?)
   user = lrt.getUser ( self.getId(), self._getPassword() )
   return user.getRoles()
Hmm, no, the user object is simply "self".


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