> Likewise, with Zope my impression is that once the Beta is cut, we are in
> feature freeze.  Now, ZC may not have operated that way in the 
> past *entirely*,
> but I think we should from now on.
> A flurry of commits *before* feature freeze seems unaviodable, however.
> That's what deadlines are for, after all <grin>.
> --RDM

That has indeed been the case in my experience.

Another aspect of this that might not be apparent if you are not 
the one who happens to be trying to manage the release process is 
that there is always a delicate balance between enforcing the 
letter of the law and making concessions to ensure that being 
a contributor is a rewarding experience rather than a frustrating 

Some things have to be taken on a case-by-case basis, and I can say 
with some authority that no matter what you choose, some people will 
praise you and some people will blast you for it :)

Keep in mind, too, that the 2.6 release is really the first release 
that has had anywhere *near* this level of community contribution, 
so some rough edges should be expected. There is still plenty for 
all of us to learn.

P.S. - I'm planning to do a little revamp of the dev homepage by 
the end of this week to simplify a few things and hopefully make 
it easier to know "what's going on", as well as posting the plans 
for 2.6.1 and much-misunderstood 2.7.

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