On Wed, Jan 08, 2003 at 02:04:23PM -0800, Sameer Maggon wrote:
> Hi,
> In some CMS we have different environment for Development (Authoring),
> Staging and Production. The CMS Database that resides in the Development
> setup is usually more bulky than the database in the production and staging
> site. Can any body tell me how Zope fits into this situation, is there any
> component that takes care of this?

We use ZSyncer to push changes from development to staging, and 
then to multiple production systems.  It requires some carefulness
because zsyncer is very very slow when pushing a lot of stuff at once.
(It basically exports in memory the objects to be synced,
transfers the export data across the network, and imports them
on the remote machine with an xmlrpc call. All three stages of this
process can potentially take a long time.)

We're also having issues with zsyncer reporting incorrect sync status
(both falsely reporting out-of-date status, AND falsely reporting OK status).
I hope to block out some time to work on zsyncer soon and fix this.

> My major concern is that, it might be that my repository contains huge
> number of images but actually the site uses only some of them. So when
> actually deploying a site, the system should resolve those images and put
> the required files.

I don't know of any existing tool to do that for zope.
You'd have to write your own.


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