R. David Murray wrote:
I haven't touched Z2 in a while.  But I need a Plone site (I think).
So I downloaded 2.6.1, CMF1.3, and Plone 1.0.  Installed all on
FreeBSD 4.7.  Created a plone portal.  Going to the plone site URL
causes a python core dump.  Created a plain CMF site.  Going to the
site URL causes a python core dump.  Going to the /manage version
of the same URL works fine, by the way.

Others have seen this, so it should be easy for Concerned Parties
to reproduce this.  I have to run off to a meeting so I can't do
any more deubgging on this tonight.  NB: python 2.2.2 also core
dumps under the same scenario.
Sounds like you need the THREAD_STACKS_SIZE patch for FreeBSD's Python 2.1


There's a download link near the bottom of the page.

Basically put that patch in your /usr/ports/lang/python2.1/files directory, then re-build the Python 2.1 port with "-DTHREAD_STACK_SIZE=0x20000" specified as an argument to the make command.

***** OR ******

If you've cvsup-ed your ports tree lately, there may already be a patch in place in that same directory named "patch-Python-thread_pthread.h-stacksize" that looks like it does basically the same thing.

However I haven't tried it, I built my Python 2.1 + Zope 2.6.0 + Plone setup before that was added to the port. The first patch from sourceforge did the trick for curing crashes in my case, so I'd guess that an updated port and a re-built Python 2.1 might be the ticket in your case.


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