Your idea sounds interesting and require more investigation
on my part. I need to write application on a remote zope server
(via wan, not part of our domain, but an extranet site) to access
database tables on my domain.

I don't think the other server has ZEO running. (Neither do I, but
I can do it since zope server is mine.) The other side may so
"No," in which case would I still be able to do what you say with
DBTab? Ie., without ZEO on the other side?

If you can't do ZEO magic, you'll have to go about it some RPC (remote procedure call) way. Currently XML-RPC support is good in Zope. There's an XMLRPC Method product for the calling, and Zope can do the serving automagically. If you're looking for something more transparent, I seem to remember something like that existing some time ago. Whether it still does...

Maybe XMLRPC Proxy is what I was thinking of, but probably not. Maybe somebody with a better memory can inform.


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