On Mon, Feb 24, 2003 at 12:41:01PM +0100, Oliver Bleutgen wrote:
> From that I gather that your "sites" don't map 1:1 to objects into 
> zope, so that you cannot use local roles for that, right?
> E.g, there are methods like doTaskX(location,...), where the permission 
> to execute that method depend on location, and location is not an object 
> inside zope.

That is correct.

> Well, for me roles are just a simplification/optimization for getting 
> permissions of a user (for an object) for the sake of easier management.
> From the mapping
> user_id -> set of permissions, we go to
> user_id -> set of roles -> set of permissions, where the last mapping is 
> defined by mappings of the form role -> set of permissions.
> This works, because for typical situations, you just need to define a 
> handful of roles.

i'm with you so far...

> Since your application might not be suited for that scheme, it might be 
> worth throwing out roles altogether. How about creating a role for each 
> user (i.e. user "user_id" get's just the role "user_id", instead of 
> creating a role for for each possible (task,location) tuple.
> When creating a new user, the admin would have to just assign the 
> permissions, instead of roles. This task could be made easier by 
> creating template permission sets.

Interesting idea... tell me if I'm wrong, but I see two obvious
problems with this approach:
1)  for one-role-per-user:  we'd have to visit the security management for
N objects in Zope and adjust the permissions every time we add a user.
Whereas in my proposal, we only need to do that every time we add
a site or change the tasks, which happens much less frequently.  

2) for one-role-per-user, changing a user's privileges means wanding around
the ZMI setting permissions on N objects.
Whereas in my scheme, we can do that in one place (LDAP) by 
adding or removing a role or two.

> You might wind up with less roles and I bet administration is a lot easier.

my guess is that in our case, the number of roles would be comparable.
200 sites * 10 tasks = 2000 roles
200 sites * 10 users = 2000 roles


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