Andy McKay wrote:
Or just write a simple HTTP post using Python. Have a look around for the MailIn Product, or CMFMailIn which does this very simply and works fine for low volume traffic (eg: fine listening to [EMAIL PROTECTED]).

Here's a very simple example that we're using to glue cron to Zope. It does a GET, but you could just as easily make it do a POST. I can't remember where I cribbed from ;]

Jean Jordaan

password="secret" # this is only example, of course

import sys, urllib

class NoGUI_URLopener(urllib.FancyURLopener):

   def __init__(self, username, password, *args):
      apply(urllib.FancyURLopener.__init__, (self,) + args)

      self.username = username
      self.password = password
      self.asked = 0

   def prompt_user_passwd(self, host, realm):
      if self.asked:
         raise "Unauthorised"
         self.asked = 1
         return self.username, self.password

urllib._urlopener = NoGUI_URLopener(username, password)
urllib.urlretrieve("%s/cron_hook" % zope )

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