I'm a programmer but new to Zope. I'm developing a text markup language
like Structured Text that better suits my needs outside the Zope/Python
world. Would I be able to incorporate it within Zope, i.e., so I could
edit the new format in the edit window and have it displayed as HTML by
the server, handled as a Zope object, etc.?

I'd like to do it as transparently as (on the lowest level) possible,
but if it turns out I have to do it as a feature of a product, that
will be OK. Any tips for either scenario much appreciated.

Remember that in the grand scheme of things, most everything in Zope is a Product. And practically everything can be manipulated by a product. Especially with what you intend to do: not too long ago was ZPT an add-on product, as well as STX. DTML and ZSQLMethods are implemented as products. So you're not really losing anything by doing it that way. If what you're doing is really useful and general, perhaps it will be added to the Zope distribution sometime in the future, but you needn't count on that.'


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