Sondre Rønjom wrote:
I'm creating a python product - which needs to be authenticated; and I dont want to use any products that does not come with a clean Zope install - so I user Simple User Folder and define two roles admin user and ordinary user. I just want a user to login via login form, check username and password with the acl_users user list and set the user to AUTHENTICATED_USER if username and password is correct. Actually I just want to access the methods which the pop-up authenticator use when one does /manage. To me it looks like validate() from AccessControl/ does this for you, but Im not sure how to use the method.

Zope by default comes with Basic Auth. If you want to do cookie / form based logins either:

a) use the Cookie Crumbler product

b) take the Cookie Crumbler code, pull it apart and put it in your product so you can have your "clean" install.
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