On Mon, 16 Jun 2003, Chris Withers wrote:

> > Or SimpleUserFolder: create a user folder class in a Zope product that
> > subclasses both SimpleUserFolder and OFS.Folder.  Then put ZSQL methods and
> > a few TTW python scripts in the folder contents of an instance of this class
> > to make it work.  I've done something similar to this with relative success.
> Hmmm... I prefer to just put the SQL method in the folder containing the SUF, no
> need for subclassing and knowing how to write Zope Products then...

I installed SimpleUserFolder and implemented the required methods. I can
now add and modify users but there is one thing missing. Where do I tell
Zope how to check the password when users try to authenticate? It should
be done with:

select * from intrauser
where username = 'submitted_username'
and pwdigest = crypt('submitted_password', pwdigest)

The crypt-function is stored in PostgreSQL (a contrib package). In this
way I can have many programs share the same password database.

pgUserFolder has user_login() so this would probably be a possible
solution. Is there an easy solution with SimpleUserFolder?


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