On June 18, Chris McDonough wrote:

(snip interesting insight into ZC's deployments)

> > This is doubtless the most common scenario (or it should be).
> It is when things go right, but when they go wrong, it's fairly limiting
> to only be able to have a single version of Zope installed on your
> system.

OK, consider these scenarios.

Source install  - simplest::

  # PREFIX defaults to /usr/local/zope on UNIX
  # probably C:\\Progra~1\\Zope on Windows

  make; sudo make install

  /usr/local/zope/bin/mkzopeinstance.py /var/zope/inst1

  /var/zope/inst1/bin/zopectl.py start

Looks just like before!

Distribution install - most common::

  ./configure.py --prefix=/usr \
                 --skel=/usr/share/zope/skel \

  mkzopeinstance.py /var/lib/zope/default
  ln -s /var/lib/zope/default/etc /etc/zope/default
  echo -e '[default]\n/var/lib/zope/default' >> /etc/zopectl.conf
  zopectl.py start default

All the above is invoked by ``apt-get install zope``, and the package
can use a /etc/init.d/zope to loop through all instances.

Multiple pythons, zopes, instances - most complex::

  cd Zope-2.7.1
  python2.1 configure.py --prefix=/opt/zope271-python21

  # ...

  python2.1 configure.py clean

  python2.2 configure.py --prefix=/opt/zope271-python22

  # ...

  cd ../Zope-2.7.2

  python2.1 configure.py --prefix=/opt/zope272-python21

  # ...

  python2.2 configure.py clean

  python2.2 configure.py --prefix=/opt/zope272-python22

Then you permute these with:

  python2.1 /opt/zope271-python21/bin/mkzopeinstance.py \

  python2.2 /opt/zope271-python22/bin/mkzopeinstance.py \

  # etc.

And you have an installation with all permutations of multiple
Pythons, multiple Zopes and multiple instances.

Does this alleviate your concerns? ;-)


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