On Fri, Jun 20, 2003 at 03:38:53PM +1000, Adrian van den Dries wrote:
> > Well, as we all know, shell scripting kinda blows.  There is no way that
> > I know of to portably use an array in shell, and I wanted to eventually
> > make it possible to use something other than bash to run the configure
> > script (bash has arrays, but I'm not sure if bourne shell does).
> You may be interested in Kenneth Almquist's ash (aka dash in Debian):

If you aim portability, I would suggest to use only standard tools: if you want
to make an installation procedure portable trough various systems and
architectures, you should only use strict sh scripting, Makefile and other
tools which may be considered to be installed by default on any unix system.

Speaking of Zope, python is also acceptable: you need python to run Zope, and
so it is reasonable that you use a language that is supposed to be available
on the target system. I would not use bash or any non standard sh derivation,
because they might not be available.

If you start to feel the need of some more complex constructs than those
available with sh, than you should consider to use python.

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