Chris McDonough wrote:
Hmm.  Without this fix, many CMFDefault (and possibly CMFCore) skins
don't work.  Is there a way to fix the offending CMF skins so that it
works under Zope versions both with this fix and without (so we don't
need two versions of CMF)?  More importantly, is anyone willing to
actually do this work?

CMFCore has no skins. CMFDefault is the only product in cvs.zope.org:/cvs-repository/CMF using i18n.

CMFDefault has just one template using this pattern: index_html_utils.html uses i18n:attributes="alt title"

So it would not be much work to change CMF.

I'm not talking about third party products building on top of CMF. Plone was already discussed, I don't know what's the case with other products.

What about backporting the i18n fix to Zope 2.6.2 ?

Using CMF / Plone with i18n support requires Zope 2.6.0 anyway. Maybe we could force people updating CMF / Plone also to update Zope to 2.6.2.

This way CMF / Plone could switch to the new spec.

Just my 2 cents.


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