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> Hmm.  Without this fix, many CMFDefault (and possibly CMFCore) skins
> don't work.  Is there a way to fix the offending CMF skins so that it
> works under Zope versions both with this fix and without (so we don't
> need two versions of CMF)?  More importantly, is anyone willing to
> actually do this work?

IMO we have three options how to deal with this in respect to 3rd party 
products like CMF, Plone, Silva etc.:

1. We make the next Zope 2.6 release (2.6.2, right?) aware of semicola in 
i18n:attributes, Plone 1.1 and CMF 1.4.X will be updated to make use of it 
according to the new spec and thus require at least 2.6.2; Zope 2.7 and HEAD 
(2.8) will only support the new spec.

I would favour this solution and would be willing to work at least on Plone. 
Yuppie seems to favour this as well in his follow-up.

2. The fix only goes in 2.7 branch. 2.8 will break backward compatability. 
Plone 1.1.X, CMF 1.4.X etc. will make use of it the old way and thus be 
compatible with 2.6 and work on 2.7 with DeprecationWarnings. Plone 1.2, CMF 
1.5 etc. will make use of it according to the new spec and thus only work on 
2.7 and above. This was what Jim essentially suggested.

3. We keep the backward compatibility until the end (Zope2) time, thus never 
really enforcing the spec.



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