Yay :)  I'm sure this ushers in a new era of Zope UI
respectability ;>

So, sorry to start with the quibbles already, but ..
 Too many pages are way too wide

This has always bugged me about Plone too.
It seems like every second page is way wider than
my browser window. This is partly the result of long
<pre> lines, which is made worse by the fact that
the content area is a table cell .. this means that
the longest <pre> line sets the width of all the text.
It would be much better if only the too-long lines
extended off the side of the screen, and the other
lines wrapped. IMHO this consequence of the table-
based layout is a major downer :/

The table on a member's page (eg.
http://zope.org/Members/jens/view ) also gets much too
wide very easily.

I like to bump up the text size to 120% or so for easy
reading on my laptop, and on new zope.org I can't,
unless I want to scroll horizontally a lot.

Jean Jordaan

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