alan milligan wrote at 2003-8-18 09:41 +0000:
 > ...
 > I am getting this message out of HelpSys/STXTopic and 
 > Products/CMFCore/PortalContent using Zope2.6.2b2 and CMF1.3.1.
 > It's happening out of ZPublisher/Publish calling the default method to 
 > publish the object.
 > For some reason, the delivered code works fine in development (Linux 2.4.21, 
 > Python2.1.3, Zope 2.6.2b2, CMF1.3.1) but not in production, which strangely 
 > has the same software (different hardware though).
 > I've patched both the offending __call__ method's function signatures to 
 > include REQUEST, *args, and **kw - which I believe is the standard signature 
 > for stuff called from ZPublisher.

This is not the case. Quite to the contrary, ZPublisher (its "mapply") cannot
handle "*args" and "**kw" argument definitions.

For some unknown reason, "mapply" seems to get the method signature
wrong and thinks it has to call the object with 4 arguments.
Apparently, your change did not modify what "mapply" sees and
your object now accepts (almost) arbitrary many arguments.
"mapply" is often tricked out by a "func_code" definition.
Maybe, your class has such an attribute and it does not
match the "__call__" signature?


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