[Paul Winkler]
> I downloaded the "hidden" 2.6.2b6 release (from
> http://zope.org/Products/Zope/2.6.2b6/Zope/view) and had
> a look in lib/python/ZODB/__init__.py, which gives its
> version as ZODB 3.1.2.  Is there any reason it's not ZODB 3.1.3?

Because 3.1.3 hasn't yet been tested with that particular version of Zope.

> Maybe just an oversight?

No, but it's becoming one <wink>.

> I could easily check any ZODB-3.1.3 changes to the Zope-2.6 branch,
> unless somebody knows a reason not to do so.

The changes are delicate, ZODB3 3.1.4 is probably coming soon, and all these
changes need also to be ported to the ZODB3 HEAD, ZODB3-3_2-branch, ZODB4,
the experimental ZODB3 3.3 branch, and God only knows how many Zope branches
at this point.  If you want to take all those on, cool, else it's probably
better to wait for Jeremy and me to do them in a controlled way.

> Also, why doesn't ZODB/Tools come with zope? There's some really
> handy stuff in there, some of which gets mentioned on the zope list
> from time to time; it would be nice if newbies could get hold of it
> easily.

Leaving that to someone else.

> On a related note, NEWS.txt in ZODB 3.1.3 mentions that there is a new
> Tools/README.txt ... but it's not actually in the tarball :-)

Oops!  A last-second addition that didn't get added to MANIFEST.  That's
repaired on ZODB3-3_1-branch now.  Thanks for pointing it out.

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