Chris McDonough wrote:
Option 1:
Add an update_metadata flag to the catalogObject method with a default of True on all branches.

Option 2:
Do nothing, but add the "updateMetadata" method to the ZCatalog interface.

Option 1 would only take effect when 2.6.3 was released (if ever) and
2.7 final would have the new flag.  Because since the behavior change
has already been released in 2.6.2, it might be better to do option 2
and fix the places in CMF/SilvaMetadata that specify indexes, leaving it
the way it is.

I agree backwards compatibilty is broken anyway. Whatever the solution is, products using the idxs argument for metadata changes have to be changed to work with 2.6.2.

Regarding migration, I agree option 2 would be better.

Regarding the interface, I still prefer option 1 or even option 1 *and* 2. The fact that


does update metadata while

zcat.catalog_object(obj, idxs=zcat.indexes())

doesn't, isn't intuitive at all. At least this difference has to be mentioned in the interface definition.

Just my 2 cents. I can live with both options.

Cheers, Yuppie

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