Casey Duncan wrote:
This is broken in 2.6.2 and I would consider it a bug in that release. I would support an improved api such as:

catalog_object(obj, idxs=[], metadata=1)

I'm sure you mean catalog_object(obj, uid, idxs=[], metadata=1) if we are talking about the ZCatalog interface.

I am happy to make the change if we agree it is the right thing.


On Tuesday 07 October 2003 07:13 am, Yuppie wrote:
I agree backwards compatibilty is broken anyway. Whatever the solution is, products using the idxs argument for metadata changes have to be changed to work with 2.6.2.

Regarding migration, I agree option 2 would be better.

I forgot about people skipping 2.6.2 because they don't want to adjust their code. So I agree adding the flag is the Right Thing also regarding migration.

Cheers, Yuppie

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