I know that you are all focused upon content management systems here at Zope/Plone - and with good reason.

However, our community has a dearth of commercial products and Java offerings like Compere ERP, and JBOSS are stealing a march in this arena.

I've made an initial attempt to redress this by applying the Zope architecture to a general ledger product, BastionLedger, and to an embryonic financials gateway, BastionBanking. I've seen a couple of other Zope products dealing with banking, and would like to somehow coordinate our efforts.

This is a very serious initiative, and I've put almost a year's personal work and finance into this product and associated infrastructure.

Now, I'd like to see some serious collaboration to get a fantastically fully featured ledger available for Zope clients. What I've delivered so far is quite good in terms of basic functionality and a rich toolkit from which to develop accountancy processes - but payroll systems for example have an abundance of nuances and exceptions and needs much more resource than I have available.

In order to overwhelm the world with this stuff, I think we need to start very small. If YOU are a contracter - have your own business, or you've got a Plone site for a club or society, how about getting on board and helping to get the ledger to meet your financial requirements. The general ledger and order management/inventory control already support large-scale use.

These products are available for comment and download at http://www.last-bastion.net/BastionLedger and http://www.last-bastion.net/BastionBanking. There is much more information there about exactly what they do and what my current thoughts on this initiative are. Please feel free to discuss them with me on or off this list, or on their own lists.

I look forward to some interest.


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