Hiya everyone!

I didn't get any response on my last post, so I'm charging ahead full speed.

The fact that litmus complains about Zope's inability to accept UTF-8 filenames is something I view as a bug. It can be fixed simply by changing the default _checkid() implementation to allow extended characters. However, I don't want to break anything, so I think it should be optional, controlled by a setting.

Either the already existing, but seemingly undocumented setting management_page_charset could be used to check that the given Id is acceptable in that charset.

OR, a separate setting could be used, maybe allowed_id_charset?

I'm gonna go with that last one if nobody complains. Suggested code (only the important parts):

# Any other characters that should NEVER be allowed?bad_id=re.compile(r'[:;/\\]').search

def checkValidId(self, id, allow_dup=0):
    # So should be allow unicode, then?
    if not id or not isinstance(id, StringType):
        if isinstance(id, UnicodeType): id = escape(id)
        raise BadRequestException, ('Empty or invalid id specified', id)

    # Here is the characterset checking. This works fine, I've tried it.
        charset = getattr(self, 'allowed_id_charset', 'ascii')
        raise BadRequestException, (
            'The id "%s" is not of the allowed character set (%s).' % \
            (escape(id), self.allowed_id_charset))
    # And here we check for unallowed special characters.
    if bad_id(id) is not None:
        raise BadRequestException, (
            'The id "%s" contains characters illegal in URLs.' % \
    # And then comes the rest of the tests, as usual, for aq_ and such.
    # I won't copy them in in this mail.


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