I've started work on a new-style ExtensionClass. This is a port of ExtensionClass to new-style classes. This will provide a number of advantages:

- Use of new-style class features (e.g. descriptors) in Zope objects.

- Support for cyclic garbage collection.

- Ability to use new-style classes as base classes of Zope objects.

- Use of a version of ZODB that supports non-ExtensionClass classes.

- Pave the way for sharing code between Zope 2 and Zope 3.

I hope I can merge this into the Zope 2 head in a week or two.

This is a rather deep change and it is likely to cause some instability
on the CVS head for a while.  I'm doing this now, rather than later,
to give us plenty of time to find and fix problems before a Zope 2.8

Speaking of Zope 2.8, Jeremy Hylton has suggested that, perhaps, Zope 2.8
should be a release that provides *only*:

- New-style ExtensionClass, and

- ZODB 3.3, featuring multi-version concurrency control,

plus any features that have been added to the head since the Zope 2.7
branch was created.

This idea is pretty appealing to me. I wonder what others think of it.


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