Martijn Faassen wrote:

Belated response, but..

Jim Fulton wrote:

Speaking of Zope 2.8, Jeremy Hylton has suggested that, perhaps, Zope 2.8
should be a release that provides *only*:

- New-style ExtensionClass, and

- ZODB 3.3, featuring multi-version concurrency control,

plus any features that have been added to the head since the Zope 2.7
branch was created.

If this hasn't been added to the head yet, being able to use Zope 3
interfaces on Zope 2 objects would be nice. Right now Zope barfs
over any class that gets registered that uses Zope 3 interfaces.

That way the Zope 3 interfaces and component architecture packages
can be used from Zope 2, at least to a certain extent.

One fairly simple way around that is to modify Zope 3 interfaces so
they don't use __implements__ but something else (I used __implements2__)
but that could be seen as a hack. It is clean in the sense that Zope 2
won't trip over Zope 3 and vice versa.

But perhaps there's another approach which actually modifies the Zope 2


Packages3/Interface in CVS

If you put this ahead of the Zope 2 Interface package in
your Python path, then you can use Zope 3 interfaces with Zope 2.


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