Tim Peters wrote:
<snip useful info about new-style classes>

Debugging memory leaks can be hard, in any language.

No kidding. I thought when I identified the suspect class two days ago I was nearly there ;-)

Another place to look
for ideas is in the top-level test.py from a current Zope HEAD checkout (or
2.7 branch, or Zope3).

OK, will do.

2. "Reference cycles". Big topic <wink>.

Seeing as the suspect leaker contains code like:

 other = Foo()
 other.reciprocal = self
 self.reciprocal = other

I fear the worst ;-)

...but my (naive?) reading of the documentation was that reference cycles are cleaned out by the garbage collector, *unless* they define a __del__ (which is not the case here). How am I wrong?



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