Dieter Maurer wrote:

Romain Slootmaekers wrote at 2003-10-29 11:28 +0100:
> I have an elaborate piece of python code that works fine, but with > profiling turned on, it barfs a "Bad Call" message.
> > When google-ing for a solution, the only thing I could find was a
> >
> > There's a follow up stating it's "already fixed",
> and does not occur in Python 2.2.x and beyond.

I think the bug report is from me.

I do not believe the followup ("does not occur in Python 2.2.x").
While I analysed the problem with Python 2.1.3 (and therefore reported
it as an 2.1.3 bug), I am almost sure (not completely) that
my colleague hit the problem with Python 2.2 in the first place
(which triggered my analysis).
Thus, watch out for the same behaviour in Python 2.2.

I think I added a followup with a workaround to the bug report.

No you did not, but the problem was prpbably not that sever:
apparantly, from what I understand from your bug report, you get a "Exception Bad call ... ignored"

In my particular case, that exception is not "...ignored", but cascades upwards, to the top level.

Should the problem come back with Python 2.2 or Python 2.3
and you do not find the patch in Python's bug tracker, come
back. I can send you the patch in this case.

So you have a patch ?

Romain Slootmaekers.

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