On Fri, Oct 31, 2003 at 02:46:51PM -0500, Jim Fulton wrote:
| >Most of the time, this is the same people who can't update their
| >products, so if they *do* want a new zope, they will need to get a new
| >product as well. I think its safe to make that assumption.
| I don't follow this.  What do you mean be "Can't update their products"?
| Are you saying that to upgrade to a new Zope, they should actually have to
| replace the products they are using with different ones?

I meant, people that 'are afraid' of updating their existing products
to new versions, or just can't because they would break

| >Considering that 2.8 may be at least 6-8 months in the future (is that
| >a nice assumption?)
| I hope that 2.8 will come out much sooner than that. I hope to see 2.9
| in that timeframe.  Remember that 2.8 will have just nsEC, ZODB 3.3, and
| any other stuff that's piled up in the interim. :)

Yay! Thats very nice to hear.
| >Now *that* is a good point for going with the new algorithm. We don't
| >want to have even another round later on to make it compatible with
| >Zope 3.  If we could do it at the same time it would be a
| >bonus. Though, from what I understand, your custom algorithm would
| >provide that.
| Huh?  That doesn't make sense.  As long as people use EC, they will use
| whatever algorthm we pick now.  If people use ExtensionClasses in Zope 3,
| then those classes will use the algorithm we pick now.  People would
| switch to the new algorithm when they convert (or mor likely rewrite)
| their products to be ExtensionClass-less and Zope3-ish.  If they
| make their products Zope 3-ish, the lookup algorithm won't matter much.

Ok, I got it wrong then. Sorry.

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