I am also very, very worried about breaking b/w compatibility in Zope 2.

I am responsible for about 15 sites, with say 10 distinct products each. Are you saying I have to evaluate/upgrade 150 products because I want to go to Zope 2.8(9)? No customer is going to pay for that effort (and I will likely not find the time to do it anyway) so I will be locked in 2.7-land forever. Bah!

So yes, option 3 it must be. Let's save the fundamental changes for Zope 3.


On Freitag, Okt 31, 2003, at 18:14 Europe/Vienna, Jim Fulton wrote:


I am worried enough about breaking products that I'm inclined to go
with option 3.

Does anybody think we ought to use the new algorithm (option 2)?


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