Hi folks

I'm attempting to use Plone with CMF 1.4.2 and Zope 2.7b2. I'm getting errors 
in PloneFolder.__call__() where I first substituted the call to the local 
(PloneFolder) _getViewFor() with that of the one in CMFCore.utils (since in 
its original state, the local _getViewFor() failed because it thought action 
was a dict). This fails because CMFCore.utils._getViewFor() returns the 
original PloneFolder object - which gets __call__()ed again until we run out 
of stack. I also see this behaviour with my own custom folder class.

I then tried fixing the PloneFolder._getViewFor() so it treated action as an 
object. This function now fails in the call to 
restrictedTraverse(action.action) where the incoming path is expected to be a 
list or string, not an action object.

Being something of a newcomer to CMF, Plone et al, I have to say I'm a bit 
stuck at the moment. Do I have to roll back to earlier versions of 
CMF/Plone/Zope, or is there a quick fix?

What would be _really_ handy is if some knowledgeable individual could offer a 
brief explanation of the purpose of _getViewFor(). I'm kind of enjoying 
poking around in all this code, but its taking way longer than I budgeted.

Any info gratefully received. Thanks


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