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if only browser always worked that way :-(

> If so, is their anything stopping us allowing Unicode ids in Zope? This
> would involve patching OFS.ObjectManager.checkValidId to accept strings
> not in [0-9a-zA-Z\$\-_\.\+!\*'(),], and writing replacement
> urllib.quote and urllib.unquote methods for use by HTTPRequest.py.

+1 on starting a prototype now, but I cant see this landing before 2.8.

This is going to break every use equivalent to getattr(some_object, id).
Its  not obvious to me how this can be cleanly resolved in zope 2.

Best to come up with a proposal to discuss all related issues. Btw. I heard some requests from the community to support the new international naming scheme for domain names (nothing I care about very much but it sounds that is very much related).


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