| I think you're looking for the helpers defined in Misc/gdbinit in the
| Python distribution.  If you add them to your .gdbinit, you'll be
| golden.
| I've included that file's contents below so you don't have to go
| hunting.


There we have 'object', 'self' and 'self->jar', as of line 183 of

object  : <class 'Products.Formulator.StandardFields.LabelField'>
type    : ExtensionClass.ExtensionClass
refcount: 7
address : 0x8503bec

object  : <persistent_id object at 0x415b87b8>
type    : persistent_id
refcount: 1
address : 0x415b87b8

object  : <Connection at 414b80ac>
type    : Connection
refcount: 238
address : 0x414b80ac

'jar' gives:
object  : <attribute '_p_jar' of 'persistent.Persistent' objects>
type    : getset_descriptor
refcount: 2
address : 0x40621e6c

Does that help?
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